was an idea of an aspiring freelancer to launch a technical blog with an ad-free platform.

Location: India


1. Tight Budget.
2. Domain Research.
3. IM integrations using the SDK.

Target Audience

1. For Call Centers.


The domain name was brainstormed and settled at the name “vicigeek” was a bespoke experience in designing the website with custom images. Project Business Model was quite simple and clear to work on. Designed and Launched in 3 weeks’ time

Testing and Analytics was followed the successive week.

Social Media Marketing is scheduled in the mid of 6 months to season the domain name and its creditability.

TDB team you guys the Champions on the Industry. Hearty future success.

Rayon, VICIgeek Team -


On month Stats on the website.

  • Monthly – 603
  • Weekly – 118
  • Daily – 26

Got subscribers 88 that’s growing each day.