An established Hospitality Business [name is shadowed as NDA signed campaign] needed to use market its Offer on Stays and Food. Email Marketing was the channel insisted by the client as it has big list of existing customers.

Location: Glasgow, City in Scotland


1. Email Design with Strict Compliance delivery.
2. Content Planning with Rich Graphics.
3. Reporting & Analytics.

Target Audience

1. Existing Customer Base. [Approx. 18785].


The campaign was designed based on the existing Business model provided by the intellect client and the Vision was clear and concise.

The design and development of the email was presented in 8 days’ time and Drip Delivery was scheduled on 11th day onwards. A/B Testing was integrated in initial days of delivery.

Custom dashboard with Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Unique Open Rate, Unique Click Through Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, Bounce Rate was displayed graphically.

The company name itself ToDoBIG gave me the impression to move forward with these guys. Spidy a.k.a Mr Bosco, Lead Marketer TDB, really man I went for you for your company’s name. As the name so is the deliverance BIG boys of the marketing.

Anonymous, Manager - Insurance company


Within 3 weeks of the campaign.

  • 11x more hotel booking in the same season as compared to previous.
  • 6x new customer base acquired with referral offers in the emails.
  • 16x more Banquet Booking on vouchers provided on the emails.