“It only words, to make the sale”

PHONE, a five-letter word and connecting millions even billions all the universe.

Prospecting and selling over the five-letter word settle to the “COLD CALLING”. It’s the form of direct marketing. It all starts with a call to the unknown and making a prospect that later converts to a customer.

The unmatched marketing channel empowers many companies worldwide with immense potential to make sales worldwide. In the decade of globalization calls can be made from anywhere to any part of the world at small prices, that really opens door to more prospecting and thus focussing on COLD CALLING.

Lead Generation, Product Marketing, Insurance Prospecting all comes under the hood of the COLD CALLING tag.

What is needed to start cold calling:

  1. A telemarketing script
  2. A soft/IP Phone
  3. A computer
  4. A telecom/VoIP Service
  5. A CRM

Equipped with the above you can start the journey of Cold Calling a.k.a telemarketing.

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