“Domain – In search of a name.”

In the noisy web world, a domain name is the HOLY GRAIL of online presence, yes, it is! It’s the landmark address of your brand and business where online consumer visit to get the needs.

A perfect domain name would create a resonance deeply with your audience as well your business. So, lets highlight how to craft the best domain name

1. Unique & Original

In the name world it feels like everything is taken. But with a little creativity and research you can get the name and make it BIG.

2. Make it CATCHY

A catchy name gives stimulated the nerves and give “I Know the Company” vibes. Like we hear the word “XEROX” it gives a quick visualization of photo copiers. Such is the power of a name.

3. Get a country TLD

Priority to get a .COM domain is always preferable as it’s the ruling TLD, so is the country specific TLD to attract local searchability. To get an idea ToDoBIG.in would get local search preference.

4. Suffix/Prefix with Keywords

A title or surname always address and enhances an identity, so is the keywords when suffixed/prefixed with the domain gets an added SEO score and ticks a good search rank.

5. Minimize or eliminate the usage of digits & plurals.

Domain name like domain8897.com domain1s.com is abstract to the search engines and also for human to type in. keep it only letters and words and you may include a ‘– ‘at the most.

“Brainstorm your BIG domain name with us and supercharge your Brand, Let Co-Create and make a statement of ToDoBIG.”

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